Getting Over Breakups | My ex got married a month after we broke up!

How to actually get over breakups! In this video I share a brief story about my experience in a military relationship and how my ex married someone four weeks after we broke up!!! Even though it was my worst breakup, I got over it faster than any heartbreak I had previously using what I had learned about neuroplasticity and our brains. I tried to be as concise as possible in this video but if you want a few more details…continue reading.

After a breakup, our minds are forming new thought patterns about a situation and it is much easier to build up positive ways of thinking right away than it is to build up negative thought patterns and have to tear those down later. How you look at your breakup immediately after (first week or so) will dictate how you feel about it for a long time to come. When our brain fires neurons through pathways that were built up negatively, it will release chemicals into the body that make you feel negative and sad. The opposite is true for pathways that were built up through positive ways of thinking. If you consciously choose to reframe your mind into a positive way of thinking, you can almost trick your mind into making you feel more positive and accepting of a situation. This is why it’s important to think positive thoughts about your breakup rather than dwelling on the negative. This may not be something you want to do but I find that it really works for me and helps me move on without being too sad.

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